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What is this site?
Nostalgiapelit is a non-commercial and ad-free flash game site. All games are remakes of nostalgic slot and amusement machines from past decades. Old slot machines are rare in Finland because they were demolished after use because the gambling law. Most of the machines were made in Finland or were made only for the Finnish market and cannot be found elsewhere. There are also games like the coin flicking game called pajatso which was a significant part of Finnish gambling history. Those machines do not exist anymore and cannot be played in pubs, shops or gas stations. That is why we decided to make simulated versions.

Who are you?
We are three freelancers who found each other from the Internet.

Why do you make these games?
This is just our hobby. The first published game was "Viidenkymmenen pennin pajatso" - the traditional Finnish coin-flicking slot machine. It was made only for our relatives and friends but the success of the game encouraged us to make the game public.

Is this site popular?
Yes, our site went viral in Finland. There were over one million unique visitors only in two months and over two million after couple of months. Most visitors came from Finland and that is a great result for a small Finnish non-commercial site in a country of five million citizens. According to TNS-Metrix we were better than the news portal of second largest newspaper in Finland with 37000 unique visitors per day. Now the site has some thousand visitors per day but the average visit time in the site is increasing every month thanks to our new titles and loyal fans.

There have been numerous articles in various local and international newspapers, magazines and blogs like Helsingin Sanomat which is the biggest daily subscription-based newspaper in Scandinavia and popular casual game play blog just to name few. There have been a few inserts in Finnish gaming and web related TV programs.

What other games are coming?
It is a secret. Usually we have many candidates to choose from. Some are our favourites and some are requested from us. We like to keep the game variety as versatile as possible so we change the type every time. If you have a good suggestion for a new game, just send an email to us.

Can I put your games on my site for free?
We are sorry but our games are not freely usable without a permission. Our games are protected by copyright laws. If you see our game, which is likely, an unauthorized version please contact us. Thank You.

Can you make new game to us?
Sorry but we do not have any spare time. Not even for commercial projects.

Is it possible to get games also in English?
Maybe some day we could add more language options to our games. Here are brief guides in English:

Viidenkymmenen pennin pajatso - Coin-flicking game:

  • Harjoittelu = Practice. You just flick coins as many you want and try to keep the payout percentage high as possible (better than 100%).
  • Tulospeli = Normal play. You have some startup money in your pocket and you can quit playing anytime you want by pressing the "uusi peli" button. Then the possible hiscore is saved and new game will begin. If there is going to be a new record the button will flash for hint.
  • Turnauspeli = Tournament play. This is the most popular game mode of all. You have 40 coins to flick and you try to win as much as possible. There is also a high score list for the best results.

Big Strike Bowling:

  • Helppo = Start easy game with 17 balls. Normaali = Normal difficulty with 15 balls. Vaikea = Hard difficulty with only 12 balls.
  • Insert coin and turn the handle at right side of the cabinet to start the game. Then with a mouse turn the handle and try hit all nine pins.
  • With strike you will win a free game and a small "trade award". Can you find out them all?

Hedelmäpeli - Fruit machine:

  • Press the red button to turn reels. When the yellow light is lit, you can hold reels.
  • Three black symbols can be at any location to win the jackpot. There are also some hidden win combinations.
  • You can stop playing anytime by pressing "lopeta peli" button and the possible hiscore is saved or you can risk your wins by pressing "pelaa voittoja" button.

Weltron Roulette:

  • You have 20 marks startup money. Insert 1 mark or 5 mark coins to machine by pressing "syötä rahaa" button.
  • Set the bets to roulette table and start spinning the roulette wheel by pressing right red button when lit. Clear bets with yellow button.
  • You can rebet if you have enough money or you can payout wins by pressing left red button. If you do not have enough money to rebet you have to clear bets or reduce them.

Video poker:

  • This is pretty normal video poker with normal poker hands, doubling and one joker card when bet is over three marks.
  • Set the bet with blue button and deal cards with green one.
  • Hold cards with red buttons and deal again with green button. You have to hold at least one card.
  • If you win, you can choose to double the win (orange button) or collect the win (yellow button).
  • When doubling choose low (A-6) or high (8-K) card. With seven you always lose. If you guessed right you can double again.
  • If you ran out of money you can start new game with Enter key.

Tooty Fruity:

  • Just drop coins to the machine with mouse or keyboard buttons (1-4).
  • Try to get three or four in a row from left to win.

Nostalgianoppa - Dice poker:

  • Quite same as video poker. You throw three dices and try to get different combinations. Straights are only counted low to high and left to right.
  • Start the game by pressing Enter key.
  • Set the bet with blue button and throw dices with green. You can hit the green button as many time you like to shake the cup.
  • If you win, you can choose to double the win (orange button) or collect the win (yellow button).
  • Doubling is made only with two dices. When doubling choose low (2-6) or high (8-12). With seven you always lose. If you guessed right you can double again.
  • If you ran out of money you can start new game with Enter key.

Potti - Slot machine:

  • Traditional Finnish slot machine from the 80's and 90's.
  • Credits are inserted automatically.
  • Choose 1 to 5 win lines with blinking buttons. Each win line will cost one credit so max credits are 5.
  • If you want to release the win line push the win line button again.
  • Start the reels with the lowest green button. Good luck!
  • You can also use keyboard commands. 1 to 5 number keys to choose win lines. Q key to quick choose max/inversed win lines and SPACEBAR to start the reels.
  • Collect the wins by pushing the top most yellow button. This will pay the coins out and ends the game.

Bajazzo - The Clown:

  • You will have ten tries to catch the ball with the clown. Every catch will give you 2 to 4 coin win.
  • The game starts automatically.
  • The knob on lower right side of the Bajazzo moves the clown. Click it with the mouse and drag the mouse to right or left while keeping the mouse button down.
  • Move clown to the right most point to release the ball to the play.
  • Try to catch the ball with the clown.
  • If you managed to catch the ball, release the knob and the game will give you 2-4 coins back.
  • The next round of ten will start automatically. How many coins you can get?
  • When your ten rounds are over you can start next game with the glowing reload button.

Thanks go to Stephen Huntley for helping with Tooty Fruity. Antti Nevalainen for video poker pictures and videos. Tero Malinen for Big Strike Bowling pictures and sound effects. Lasse Pääkkönen for Weltron Roulette sound effects. Jukka Kettunen for pictures and additional information. We would like to thank Tuomo Ylönen and Risto Hartikainen for consultations with old machines and all of our beta testers and people who gave us valuable feedback. Our humble thanks go to all those who advertised our games to their friends and linked to our site. Special thanks go to -server and the server's helpful administrators!

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